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Friday Fun: Lemme tell you about Sculpting Clay

Hey guys, Happy Friday! Here’s wishing that your work week is ending on a smooth note and maybe treat yourself to some good takeout and a Netflix binge to unwind tonight. But right now you’re probably wondering: “Wait, Kryssie never makes a post on Friday. What’s happening??”

No need to fret, I just wanted to start writing about things I find fun on Fridays to give you guys more content, and it gives me an excuse to blab about my hobbies.

Everyone wins!

Now those who know me know I love making jewelry with clay.
For those who don’t know me: I love making jewelry with clay!

Now I’ve always been an artsy person—English was always my jam throughout my entire academic life, I thrived in Arts & Crafts at summer camp—but the jewelry bug didn’t hit me until a few years ago. I think I was flipping through a tutorial on wire work and I thought “Cool, I could do this!”—I was sort of right. Wire wasn’t my thing, I couldn’t get it to work. Beading took too long and it was tedious. Not to knock either of those; detailed wirework and beading blow me away every time I see it.

And then I found clay.

I took to it like a duck to water—kinda, I still had to work at it since I picked up polymer clay first. If the clay was too soft, it felt gummy and stuck to everything. If it was too hard, your hands started hurting while working it. And gods forbid you over or under-bake it; its either scorched or it snaps when you bend it just a little bit. But the act of working it is the best part!

Blending colors until you make something new, adding in glitter or pigments to make it a little more fancy, sculpting and scraping and adding until you finally take it out of the oven—a little advice, do your clay work hours before there’s cooking to be done, you’ll thank me for it!—and there it is! You did it! You made something!

Will it be perfect? No, not the first one. Or the second one. Or even the hundredth thing you make. Hell, I’m still not good; I’ve only been doing this thing for two years! But everything’s perfect when you’re having fun. I still get giddy when I’m scrolling through Etsy and I find a new rock, or when I go through craft stores and make a beeline for the glass rhinestones because a certain color is sticking out in my mind.

This is my second love next to writing. When I finish a project, I get to physically hold the product of minutes, hours, even days worth of labor and go: “I made this, me. I made this.” There’s something about being able to hold your art in your hands and even wear it. But I’m gonna stop here for now because I could talk about this for days.

This was fun, at least it was for me. I do hope you guys enjoy me waxing poetic about working with clay, and maybe it’ll inspire you to toss a lump of colorful polymer clay in the oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-30 minutes per 1/4” of clay. I hope you scroll Pintrest looking for ideas and try to make them because you can.

But more importantly, I hope you have fun.

And that’s all the time I have today. If you liked this love letter to crafting, lemme know in the comments or tell me about whatever hobbies you find cool; it’d be a fun read. I hope you guys have a good weekend and keep cool, I’ll see you on Monday, okay?

This is Kryssie, signing off!


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