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Tuesday Talk: Short List of why I love Short Stories

Hey guys, guess what? It’s Tuesday! And that means it’s time for another of our weekly talks!

Now, I was gonna save this for Friday, but I wanted to talk about short stories for a bit. Mainly because I’m finding them more fun to read or write than full novels. Not just because they’re shorter, but because they take less energy to read.

See, every thing I’ve read was a novel in my whole academic career—at least two or three per class every semester. I wanted to enjoy the reading material; I really did! But it was too much to read and retain in so little time that reading the novels got exhausting. Where are my English majors at? You guys know my suffering!

It gets even worse when I’m all done with college and try to go back to novels, but I still feel that sense of tiredness when I go through pages. I find myself not being able to go past a few chapters before wanting to put it down. I felt horrible, I’m a bookworm! I’m supposed to eat stories for breakfast, not push it away after a few bites. Lucky me when I found a book called Dreams of Distant Shores at Barnes&Nobles. I bought, thinking it was a novel and hoping that I could finish it—also the cover was really pretty. Yeah, yeah, this was a case of me literally judging a book by its cover. But lo and behold, it was a book of interesting and easy to read short stories! It was great! From there, I realized I was kind of hooked on short story collections since then.

Granted, I am a slow reader but reading short stories wasn’t exhausting me like novels did. They were nice, self-contained little nuggets that I can finish in short amounts of time, and well-written enough that I don’t have to strain much mental energy trying to dissect the story as I read. This also has something to do with how I write. I like writing short, concise pieces. I like keeping everything contained and making sure every word is supposed to be there; no extra words. It’s like these blog posts. I keep them short and tight because I’m prone to rambling and droning on and on when I’m excited about something, so I choose my words carefully so I don’t babble on for days and drift topics until I have no way of seeing were I started or ended.

But back to short stories! I think the best part of them is that they can either be self-contained to the one story or the same characters or setting can be used in a different story with a new theme. If a story is in a town set in winter, then the next story can be set in the same town in summer. You can even package it as either just a collection of short stories or a novel-in-stories; that is, a collection of connected short stories. It’s such a free-form way of telling a narrative that I’m kicking myself for not writing or enjoying them sooner.

And that’s it. My sort-of short list on why I love short stories. That’s all for today, I hope you guys have a good evening and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s prompt! See ya then!

This is Kryssie, signing off!


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