The Write Way · Wednesday Prompts

Wednesday Prompt (7/26)

Hey guys, Happy Hump Day! I hope the midweek point is treating you well, and I hope even more that you’ll enjoy this week’s prompt. It involves a little more planning ’cause it piggybacks off of yesterday’s post. So just have fun with it, okay?

Now, remember yesterday when I talked about short stories? When I said how the stories can be connected to each other through either setting or characters? Well guess what today’s prompt is!

Think of a short story that your either liked or hated, and I want you guys to either think of or draft out a follow-up to that story. It can be a little tricky because some stories are more self-contained than others, but if you can find an idea in that story that wasn’t fully explored, then bam! you have your follow-story.

I hope you guys have fun with this prompt and if you either have a favorite short story you want to tell me about or have an idea for a prompt next week, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to read them!

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s poem and I’ll see you guys then

This is Kryssie, signing off!


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