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A Poem for Thursday (7/27)

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Now, this poem is a little weird, mainly because I didn’t have a set theme in mind while writing it. So, I went with the idea of having no idea what to write and this is the result. I hope this gets a laugh out of you, ’cause it got one out of me.

Thursday, Thursday…
Here we are again.
It’s just you and me
and a new poem to begin

But, to you my dear readers
I should be frank…
I’m sorry to say
that I’m coming up blank.

But don’t be mad or filled with woe!
Let’s roll with this and see where it goes.
It may be even fun, rhyming without reason,
Or I could get yelled at for committing poetry treason.

Because poetry is supposed to be deep and have meaning!
But it’s really just words arranged into feelings.
Then it’s arranged into stanzas and lines so it’s weighty and dense,
and rules are applied—some of them don’t even make sense!

Who cares if it’s a sonnet or a couplet?!
So what if it’s set in iambic pentameter?
Or if a certain poem is a ballad, not an epic?
No wonder people say they hate poetry;
I think I finally get it!

But I’m just kidding,
my rage is is jest.
Besides, the poems you have fun with
are always the best.

And this is where I take my leave,
to put this poem to an end.
But who knows?
Maybe after reading this,
you’ll want to pick up a pen.

And that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed my poem about nothing, and if it got a chuckle out of you (or if you want to call me out on all the writing rules I broke while writing this) let me know in the comments below. And since tomorrow’s Friday, be prepared to read about something I enjoy.

That’s all for today! Have a good one and this is Kryssie, signing off!


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