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Mondaze: Back from the Beach!

Hey guys! Happy Monday and guess who’s back from a beach trip? Me!Now, I just got back today from a weekend beach trip, and while it was fun, I realize I’m not too crazy about beaches themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love the water, I love collecting seashells, I love the lingering smell salt in the air when you’re leaving. I just like forest lakes better, it’s all a matter of preference.

For one, beach sand was irritating. It’s itchy and coarse and it gets everywhere. It doesn’t help that it has no traction so it’s a pain to walk it; if it’s hot, then forget it–you’ll be hopping more than walking.

Another thing is that I while I don’t like crowds much as is, I’m not fond of beach crowds because I hate stepping through and around people. I actually fell in a hole that a few kids were digging while leaving to go to the car and I felt more bad that I was in the kids’ way that I was about falling. 

Maybe I’m just biased towards lakes because they feel much more peaceful compared to beaches. I mean, there’s more trees so at least there’s shade from the sun, there’s less sand, and overall there’s something so peaceful about being near a lake than a beach. I’m not saying I hate beaches, I just like lakes more. 

I can even say I had fun at the beach: I read a book I’m still enjoying, the weather was nice, and the waves felt great. I don’t regret the trip and I’m glad I went.

Though next time, I’ll opt for a lake.

That’s it for this week’s Mondaze! I hope you all had a nice weekend and come bank tomorrow for this week’s Tuesday Talk. This is Kryssie signing off, and if you guys wanna see the shells I picked up, lemme know and I’ll put up a picture.


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