The Write Way · Wednesday Prompts

Wednesday Prompt (8/2)

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday and a storm just started over here so it’ll stop being humid for a little while! Yes!

Anyway, you’re here for the weekly prompt not to hear me complain about the weather. Today’s prompt is going to be building off yesterday’s post, since the thought of doing sequels to short stories that left me feeling upset was always a fun idea that I never did (Looking at you The Yellow Wallpaper by¬†Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates).

So I leave the task to you, if you’ll take it: Pick a short story that you liked or disliked or just made you feel something, and sketch out ideas for a sequel.

And that’s is for this week’s prompt. See? Short and simple and ripe with possibilities. If you guys end up scribbling down any ideas or want to talk about short stories you guys like, let me know in the comments below; I’d love to read them. Tomorrow’s Thursday so keep an eye out for a poem some time tomorrow. Have a good day and this is Kryssie, signing off!


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