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A Poem for Thursday (8/3)

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Fun fact: Thursday is actually one of my favorite days of the week for a few reasons:
1. There’s gonna be a new episode of Critical Role on tonight.
2. It’s time to write the weekly poem!

But the question is, what do I write about? I tend to think too hard about this most of the time, ’cause I feel like I have to be serious and deep whenever I try to write a poem. But then I remember that formal writing structure is a pain and I just write what I’m feeling at the moment. So, let’s see what I’m feeling right now, shall we?

You’d think with
A head in the clouds
and a heart filled books,
Writing would be easier than it looks.

But you’re more than just a writer!
More than piecing together phrases,
You’re crafting worlds
That could even last beyond ages

Making a world from scratch
Is more work than you’d believe,
it certainly take more than seven days!
It’s less like playing God and more
like planting a garden: you just let
the seeds take their time and grow however they please.

Then you trim away what doesn’t fit;
save those ideas for later.
And the rest is just maintenance work.
The writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting?
It’s the story’s water.

That’s the trick isn’t it? Tend to your story and it will grow.
Just like a garden, flourish row by row.
And if you forget for a few days, that’s fine.
You’ll be coming back to it with a new set of eyes.

Things will always grow and flourish,
but don’t despair if it doesn’t work.
Trust me, you didn’t fail.
Just pick yourself up, and try a new tale.

Huh, this one actually came out nice. Not too bad for just winging it. Well, give it a few days and I’m sure one of you will pick it apart. I guess I’ll call it a Thursday and I hope you guys enjoyed the poem! If you enjoyed or you want to pick apart my rhyme scheme, leave a comment below and it’d be a great read.

Have a good rest of the day and I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll see you of Friday, this is Kryssie signing off!


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