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A Poem for Thursday (9/7)

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday, I hope you’re well and safe wherever you are! Now, I know I gave a rather creepy sounding prompt yesterday even though Halloween is only a month away! But, with all the clouds that were swirling around where I live–an undisclosed location somewhere in the northern part of North America–that I got inspired by said creepy prompt! So, here it is and I hope you enjoy.

There it is again…
Right at the fringe of your vision is that thing.
That inky blob of shadow
hiding in that one corner where light is hard to reach.

No matter how you shift your vision,
It just doesn’t want to go away!
All it does is linger just out of sight
and plays tricks on you, of course

Those sounds that come from nowhere, echoing off the walls?
That moment when you think you hear your name, but no one called?
It’s all from that little shadow.

But don’t worry, there’s no need to fear it.
It’s probably a bored ghost
Or an odd little pixie playing tricks in the dark.
Whatever it is though,
It just won’t go away…

Or will it?

And that’s all for today’s poem! Whether you liked it or loathed it, feel free to let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear what you think. Now, I hope you have a nice night and have a good day tomorrow!
This is Kryssie, signing off!


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