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Mondaze: It’s Always The Littlest Things…

Hey guys, Happy Monday. I hope you all managed to rest a little bit during the weekend. At least rest enough so you can survive the first day of the week. Oh! and it’s it’s officially a new days past the Autumnal Equinox, It’s officially Fall! But speaking of little things, you ever sit back and realize how much of life is made up of the little things that make up our day?

It’s always the little things:

  • Reading a book or thumbing through a magazine in a waiting area
  • Brushing your hair out instead of putting it up in a bun
  • Having fruit for breakfast instead of getting a quick sandwich in the deli

It’s these seemingly minute choices that make up our day, and in the long run that shape us to be the people we are now. What’s even more amazing that the changes we make to our routine and eventually turn to dramatic changes–for better or worse depending on the circumstances. Plus, it’s not just us! The same does go for book characters, because even though they only exist in the context of their stories, they still technically have everyday situations relative to the narrative.

Now, I’m the type to overthink and analyze almost every novel I read so this definitely extends to what little mundane choices various literary characters would have in their daily life. It helps humanize them more during the reading, and the more the character becomes relatable–or unrelatable, even–the more you could find yourself rooting for them or hoping for their downfall during their story. I’m also the type to root for people during a story and hope they get some kind of happy ending, especially if they’ve been suffering over the course of multiple novels because they deserve happiness! I could ramble on for hours over the idea of happy endings and characters having actual consequences for their actions, but I’ll stop for now and let you guys really marvel over the little decisions that make up your lives.

It’s fun and introspective and you’ll figure out some things about yourself.

And that’s all for today’s Mondaze! As usual, if you have any comments or criticisms, please direct them to the comment box below; every opinion or critique just helps me write better, so let me have it guys. I’ll see you guys tomorrow for an interesting Tuesday Talk, okay? Have a good rest of the day!

This is Kryssie, signing off!


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