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Wednesday Prompt (9/27)

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday, and here’s to making it to the mid-point of the week! Now, this week’s prompt is a little close to home. Why’s that you may ask? Well, by the time you’ll be reading this post, I would’ve copywritten my very first advertisement for fun; it’s just a flyer though. I’m doing this to teach myself how to copywrite ads and what goes into making a good ad, because I stumbled upon it, thought it was interesting, and it could be a good way to build up a career. So, with this little bit of backstory, have the prompt for thought this week:

What’s something–a hobby, a new skill, a book, anything really–that you stumbled upon that you ended up being really interested in?

Huh, sounds like more of a thought prompt rather than a writing prompt… but it still works! Well, that’s is for this week’s prompt and as usual, leave any thoughts you have about the blog’s content in the comments below. Plus, keep a look out for tomorrow’s poem, too! It’s gonna be a good one. Have a good rest of the day and this is Kryssie, signing off!


One thought on “Wednesday Prompt (9/27)

  1. Maybe not from a writing standpoint but I stumbled upon my job from a friend and I ended up really liking it. This instances taught me to think outside the box and that it’s okay to take one step back because you eventually end up taking two steps forward.


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