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A Poem for Thursday (9/28)

Hey guys, Happy Thursday–well, Thursday night if you wanna get technical. Just between us, though, I think I’m sensing a pattern on Thursdays: Just when I think I’m gonna turn in for the day, I finally get a flash of inspiration for a poem.

Like now.

As in I’m currently writing this post because now words are coming to me. So, have a nice late night poem before you go to sleep:

Of course!

I finally see them,

the words that keep eluding me…

Just out of reach

are the words that creep

right in the fringe of my mind.
Mind you,

they were supposed to

come earlier. But they were fickle like

the fall weather: cold one minute and warm the next, and with never

any warning; how rude!


It doesn’t matter now, though.

The words are here and flowing

in their weird



All so I can tidy them up

Into a neat

or not-so neat

Poem for you.

That’s all for tonight guys! You know what to do if you enjoyed this weird and stream-of-consciousness-ish poem: blab about it in the comments of course! Tell me if you enjoyed it or hated it or say that you could write something better in your sleep–it’ll just help me write better in the end. I hope you all have a good Friday and an even better weekend, and I’ll see you all on Monday, okay?

This is Kryssie, signing off! Bye!


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