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Tuesday Talk: A Promise to Journal

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday, so it's time for a nice Talk. Now, I dunno about you, but I have a lot of journals and notebooks. I mean, a lot. Boxes full. Now, most of them were used for school and classes, but I'm just drawn to get a new one whenever I'm in a stationary… Continue reading Tuesday Talk: A Promise to Journal

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Mondaze: After Ren Faire

Hey guys, guess what? I’m back. I know, I know. I went radio silent for a couple days, but after a refreshing weekend and a fun day at my state’s Renaissance Faire, I’m back in action! So, speaking of Ren Faire, this is going to be more of me telling you guys how much fun… Continue reading Mondaze: After Ren Faire

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A Poem for Thursday (9/7)

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday, I hope you're well and safe wherever you are! Now, I know I gave a rather creepy sounding prompt yesterday even though Halloween is only a month away! But, with all the clouds that were swirling around where I live--an undisclosed location somewhere in the northern part of North America--that I got… Continue reading A Poem for Thursday (9/7)

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Wednesday Prompt (9/6)

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday and I hope you're all doing well! With the middle of the week here and the Sky being dark, I remember the nights where I couldn't sleep and saw all the dark corners of my room when my eyes adjusted to the darkness. It was like another world, thinking I'm seeing… Continue reading Wednesday Prompt (9/6)

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Tuesday Talk: Idle Time and Real Talk

Hey guys, Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a nice and relaxing long weekend; I know I did since my birthday was a part of it! But here we are, on Tuesday, with the work week in swing, and ironically most of my work day is spent waiting for things to happen. Some of… Continue reading Tuesday Talk: Idle Time and Real Talk

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Wednesday Prompt (8/30)

Hey guys, Happy Wednesday! Now, despite what craft stores have you believe, it's still summer. But since September is literally this Friday, I figure we can start our descent into the world of pumpkin spice and over sized sweaters early. I think you can guess what the prompt this week is gonna be, so I… Continue reading Wednesday Prompt (8/30)