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Tuesday Talk: Making the Most out of Mistakes

Spoiler alert: there's gonna be at least one pun in this post.

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A Poem for Thursday (9/28)

Hey guys, Happy Thursday--well, Thursday night if you wanna get technical. Just between us, though, I think I'm sensing a pattern on Thursdays: Just when I think I'm gonna turn in for the day, I finally get a flash of inspiration for a poem. Like now. As in I'm currently writing this post because now… Continue reading A Poem for Thursday (9/28)

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Wednesday Prompt (9/27)

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday, and here's to making it to the mid-point of the week! Now, this week's prompt is a little close to home. Why's that you may ask? Well, by the time you'll be reading this post, I would've copywritten my very first advertisement for fun; it's just a flyer though. I'm doing… Continue reading Wednesday Prompt (9/27)

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Mondaze: It’s Always The Littlest Things…

Hey guys, Happy Monday. I hope you all managed to rest a little bit during the weekend. At least rest enough so you can survive the first day of the week. Oh! and it's it's officially a new days past the Autumnal Equinox, It's officially Fall! But speaking of little things, you ever sit back… Continue reading Mondaze: It’s Always The Littlest Things…

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A Poem (And A Question) for Thursday (9/21)

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday, and I hope you're all doing well. Also here's to trudging through the day the best you can; you're almost to the end, just a couple more hours you guys! But before I give you this week's poem, I have a quick question: Do you have a comfort book? Like a… Continue reading A Poem (And A Question) for Thursday (9/21)

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Mondaze: After Ren Faire

Hey guys, guess what? I’m back. I know, I know. I went radio silent for a couple days, but after a refreshing weekend and a fun day at my state’s Renaissance Faire, I’m back in action! So, speaking of Ren Faire, this is going to be more of me telling you guys how much fun… Continue reading Mondaze: After Ren Faire