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Mondaze: Overcast Skies and Deep Thoughts

Hey guys, happy Monday and here's a little bit of trivia: people tend to feel drowsier/sleepier when it's overcast outside than on sunny days. And I only say this because it is in fact overcast outside and I'm feeling kinda sleepy.  But amidst the temptation of a quick five minute nap, my mind is still… Continue reading Mondaze: Overcast Skies and Deep Thoughts

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Tuesday Talk: Grimdark, it Grinds My Gears

It’s Tuesday again, so welcome back to another installment of Tuesday Talk! Though I find myself in the situation where I’m not sure what to talk about this Tuesday… this might end up being a theme at least once a week every few weeks. But it’s also fun, because this means anything can happen! Hmm,… Continue reading Tuesday Talk: Grimdark, it Grinds My Gears

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Mondaze: Thunderstorms

Happy Monday everyone! It's 3:11pm, I'm typing this on my computer, and there's a thunderstorm currently booming in the distance--and the rain is finally here! Perfect! But didn't come here to talk about writing, at least not today. I've been trying to shake of the cobwebs and churn out something fun to write for weeks… Continue reading Mondaze: Thunderstorms