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Wednesday Prompt (7/26)

Hey guys, Happy Hump Day! I hope the midweek point is treating you well, and I hope even more that you'll enjoy this week's prompt. It involves a little more planning 'cause it piggybacks off of yesterday's post. So just have fun with it, okay? Now, remember yesterday when I talked about short stories? When… Continue reading Wednesday Prompt (7/26)

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Wednesday Prompt (5/3)

Welcome back to Prompt Day everyone! Today's gonna be a fun one, 'cause guess what I have on my mind... give up? It's Superheroes! So in honor of this train of thought, I want you guys to imagine what superpower you'd want if you could have one or two for a day. To help you… Continue reading Wednesday Prompt (5/3)

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Wednesday Prompt!

Hello everyone! Today's Wednesday, the dreaded hump day! Do you know what that means? It means it's time for a prompt! Not strictly a writing prompt, it can something to think on during the day or even jot down notes on it in a margin. If it sparks any ideas or inspirations, then I did… Continue reading Wednesday Prompt!